Small and Stylish: Apartment Balcony Ideas

On wonderfully warm sunny days and relaxing summer evenings, an unloved balcony, regardless of itssize, is a miserable sight. If so, listen up.There are so many great ideas for turning neglected outdoor spaces into irresistible gathering places to relax and have fun. 

Ideas how to renovate your small balcony:

  1. Flooring

A typical apartment balcony is a concrete floor with no personality. Luckily, you can spice up your boring slabs with interlocking decks his slabs.  It can be easily installed by simply inserting the parts. And if you are a renter, you should know they are a cinch to remove.

2. Privacy Screen

Protect yourself from the wind, sun, insects and prying eyes with a sturdy privacy screen. There are two ways to have your screen installed. First, have you beautiful balcony screened by professional screen company. Go for a small local company with excellent reviews. If you still want to do it yourself, get a sturdy privacy screen, simple cloth draped over the structure and lightly secure it. That can add privacy without breaking the bank.  

3. Perfectly Placed Plants

The hanging plant boxes on the wrought iron fence, small potted plants on the table and in the corner, coupled with a simple hanging structure that looks stylish and functional is a perfect way to showcase even more greenery. Vibrant florals add a festive touch. Nonetheless, wicker furniture and green astroturf can create a decorative haven for you to retreat when you want to unwind and relax.

4. Unusual furniture

Rather than sticking with an average set of chairs, it doesn’t hurt to add in something a bit more head turning like an egg-shaped chair. This chair takes up the perfect amount of space without being too overwhelming on your balcony. The stacked flower baskets in the corner and the paper lantern above can add a stunning decorative element that ties things together.

If you need more space for your loved ones consider something more spacious. A wood pallet sectional frame can be your easy and cheap way. Sometimes you can find it on the side of the road and turn into the newest project to add to your balcony. No doubt, you need some cushions to make this a viable seating option. Add in some pillows and the transformation is complete.

After all, when designing a balcony, naturally there will be common factors between your and others’ spaces, such as a table and chairs, plants, lighting of some sort. However, you shouldn’t feel as though you have to copycat other spaces to have a stylish balcony. Your space should reflect some of your personal taste as well. 

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